Nobody’s Buying Influencers Right Now. Not Even Brands. So Is It Time For Them to Step Up or Step Off?

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Is there anything more infuriating right now than seeing an influencer parading around their ultra-chic apartment whining about quarantine, or decluttering their already Instagram-worthy wardrobe? If I see one more video of influencers baking banana bread or sharing their online beauty or clothing haul, I’m going to flip a table. It isn’t only vapid, devoid of any sense of reality, but it’s also tone deaf. (Did I mention it’s also boring?) But that begs the questions, what, if anything, other than an opinion, and thousands of followers, did[...]


How Businesses Can Leverage the Power of SMS to Grow Profits & Reach More Customers Than Ever Before

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With the onset of chat marketing, all businesses should be paying close attention to how conversations on platforms like SMS, email and Facebook Messenger are going to be working for their digital strategies in 2020. In fact, over 2.5 billion people using are messaging apps worldwide with 87% of smartphone users using mobile messaging apps. With this current trend, we are expected to have 3 billion messaging app users by 2022. 😮 In 2020, for the first time in history, there will be more mobile messaging app users than social network users.[...]


5 Things You Need to Know About Creating Viral Videos on LinkedIn

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I have a confession to make… I don’t like doing videos. I don’t like talking to camera. I don’t like bad lighting making me look like this… But I realised something to change. My articles weren’t getting as many views. My written posts were reaching 17 people. So Tristan Watkins, Founder of Terrific Digital, introduced me to native video on LinkedIn after he did 30 days of video posts on the platform (his article is still in the works; I’ve been asking him to do it on his findings! 😉) He set me a challenge: One video[...]