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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot

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“Technology doesn’t care — technology will keep advancing until the robots kill all of us.” — Gary Vaynerchuk, National Achievers Congress, Melbourne, August 2019 You know, Gary is right in some ways. Maybe the robots will kill us all (eventually in some dystopian future) but also, robots ﹘ actually, chatbots ﹘ are create massive opportunities for all businesses (including tiny startups and work-from-home side hustles). How do Facebook Messenger chatbots help businesses? In three ways: Sales Marketing Operat[...]


The 5 most common questions about Facebook Ads (and none of them are dumb)

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Facebook Ads can hear your thoughts. Well, not really. Not yet any way… But when it comes to targeting your ideal clients and getting them craving your hot new product or service, Facebook Ads is like Mufasa in The Lion King ﹘ reigning over the entire kingdom that the light touches. But unless you’ve had a two-day crash course in Facebook strategy with some pros, Facebook Ads can feel like fumbling in the dark when your alarm goes off at 5.30am ﹘ confusing and difficult and you saying ‘is this for real’? Mess up one step and y[...]