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How to Email a Busy Person & Get The Response You REALLY Want

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In 2020, I worked with a virtual conference writing killer “cha-ching” copy and creating strategy that resulted in the highest ticket sales in the conference’s three-year history. WOW. Yes, thank you… I’ll gladly accept your praise. 😉 But one thing eluded the CEO. We wanted to land a particular major big-wig speaker. The CEO had tried (unsuccessfully) for the past two years to secure this speaker. So, he turned to me and asked, “can you write an email script  for me to send?” “You bet your sweet socks I can,” I replied.[...]


5 No-Sweat Tips to Craft Irresistible Emails That People Actually Want to Read

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I’ve heard all of the horror stories… “Email is DYING!” (Like your cactus because you overwatered it, Karen?) “Stop sending emails — no one opens them!” (My list has a healthy 37% open rate, which is higher than my industry’s average.) “Nobody reads emails!” (Correction: nobody reads sh*tty emails.) Listen, to craft an email campaign that someone actually wants to devour in one sitting, you gotta know what drives your audience. It needs to be super persuasive, high-converting, and packed with personality. Think about what’s i[...]