Avoid These 6 Copywriting Mistakes (Do THIS Instead)

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Wanna grab more customers by the eyeballs? 👀   Then you must avoid these 6 costly copywriting mistakes👇 1. No hook A hook gets people excited about what you’re writing. Try an open loop e.g. "Why Messenger is the #1 platform your business needs to survive.”  You gotta include this!  (Bonus points if you pair your hook with point #2 below. This is what I call my Two Step Hooker Formula  - a hook + power word combo - that will truly make your copywriting irresistible!) Psst... want to find out exactly how to use my Two Step Hooker Formula ?[...]


How Your Business Can Adapt (And Thrive) During Challenging Times

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This article originally appeared on BotBlondes.com As I type this, my state of Victoria, Australia, is preparing to go into lockdown in 48 hours to stop the spread of coronavirus (yes, I’m also tired of typing and seeing that word as much as you). In fact, in just the first 78 days of 2020, the Victorian Premier has declared a state of emergency for my state twice — one for the bushfire crisis, now a second one for this pandemic. When the fires were finally under control (after some parts of the country experienced flash flooding), we were[...]


Beauty Ads Blacklisted? The Surprising Copywriting Secrets That Facebook Ads Don’t Want You To Know

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If you’re running ads for a beauty salon, cosmetic surgeon or medi-spa, you know how tricky it can be to run Facebook ads policies when it comes to ad approval. You’re not allowed to call out personal attributes and you’re also not allowed to show too much skin in the ads. As a refresher, personal attributes, according to Facebook’s Ad Policies, are “direct or indirect assertions or implications about a person’s race, ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation or practices, gender identity, disability, medical condition (inc[...]


How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand (so Your Audience Simply Can’t Resist You)

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How do you go about creating a personal brand? Do you know the benefits of a solid personal brand? How will you communicate your brand identity and also tie in authentic personal branding so your potential customers buy into whatever service or product you’re selling? Yep, it’s hard to know where to start. Don’t worry ﹘ you’re not alone. I was the same way! Brands and personal brands ﹘ especially in the age of social media ﹘ are all around us. But creating one is very different from simply seeing one in action. A personal brand is tied ver[...]


Show me the money: How to use the power of value to get paid upfront

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  It’s tough running a creative business. Any web designer, writer, or even photographer will tell you, chasing clients for payment is like running down the street barefoot on a hot day screaming at the ice-cream truck to stop because you REALLY need a soft serve with sprinkles. But replace soft-serve with money. That thing that pays bills. It’s sad that we’re in a business world where services are seen as ‘optional’ when it comes to payment. We dodge spec work, discounting, and in-kind or contra deals every day, like some sort of[...]