Aesop’s Fables – Precious Collection

R 150.00

The Aesop’s fables are a collection of fables that are said to have been written by Aesop, a slave and storyteller who lived in Ancient Greece.  Well illustrated and with simple text, these stories are perfect for parents and children to read together.  The morals at the end of each tale will spark meaningful discussions.  This collection could become a family treasure.  The book contains a Precious collection of 12 enchanting tales:  The Fox without a Tail,  The Fox,  The Cock and the Dog,  The Hare and the Tortoise,  The Hare with many Friends,  The Hares and the Frogs,  The Hawks and the Pigeons,  The Swallow and the other Birds,  The Waiting Game,  The Wind and the Sun,  The Wise bear,  Venus and the Cat and Who will Bell the Cat.



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