The $1.50 A Day Instagram Content Strategy to Gain 30+ Loyal Followers in One Week (2023)

How would you like 193 saves, and 28 shares, and 230 new followers from just one Instagram post - in only 8 days? 🤯 Well, this is the exact, step-by-step method I used that achieved these results. So in the words of Shania Twain, “let’s go girls!” The Instagram Algorithm: Unlocked First, raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the Instagram algorithm! OK, I see you!  So here’s the information Instagram released about how they rank your content. This will help you understand how content performs in general. N[...]


3 secrets to high-converting Black Friday ad copy

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Black Friday is coming up! So right now, you may be feeling one of two ways... Camp A, like Leo here. It's going to be a cryfest because you feel so overwhelmed...   Or you're in Camp B... You're super prepared - some might say over-prepared, but you know that's not a thing! - because Black Friday has been top of mind for months, so you are cool, calm, and even a smidge excited, like this:   Either way, I’m jumping in here to talk about one of the crucial elements for your Black[...]


Avoid These 6 Copywriting Mistakes (Do THIS Instead)

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Wanna grab more customers by the eyeballs? 👀   Then you must avoid these 6 costly copywriting mistakes👇 1. No hook A hook gets people excited about what you’re writing. Try an open loop e.g. "Why Messenger is the #1 platform your business needs to survive.”  You gotta include this!  (Bonus points if you pair your hook with point #2 below. This is what I call my Two Step Hooker Formula  - a hook + power word combo - that will truly make your copywriting irresistible!) Psst... want to find out exactly how to use my Two Step Hooker Formula ?[...]


Your Website is Costing You Money (Here’s How to Fix it)

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 If you’re finding that your website's only attracting tumbleweeds…With a bounce rate higher than any trampoline park…And you wake up every morning to zero payment notifications  for your online store...Then you might be making some crucial mistakes when it comes to your website.Here’s how to fix five of the most common website mistakes.I'm going to use examples of copy and strategy from a website I worked on. (This is a website for a childcare centre called Paisley Park.) Together, we're going to take a deep dive into the five ways you can improve your[...]


The Exact, Word-for-Word Email Script To Turn Your One-time Buyers Into Repeat Purchasers

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Get ready - I have created your email script to help boost your sales. 🙌 This is for you if: ▪️  You're struggling to increase one-time buyers into two-time purchasers ▪️  Need to boost sales and make a profit after ad spend ▪️  Don’t know what to do to make 1x buyers become 2x buyers I’ve got a “We Think You’ll Love This” email script, and this is the #1 email you must send to your one-time buyers, about 25 days after their first purchase (this window could vary depending on your activity).  The goal is to get them[...]


How to Email a Busy Person & Get The Response You REALLY Want

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In 2020, I worked with a virtual conference writing killer “cha-ching” copy and creating strategy that has resulted in the highest ticket sales in the conference’s three-year history. WOW. Yes, thank you… I’ll gladly accept your praise. 😉 But one thing eluded the CEO. We wanted to land a particular major big-wig speaker. The CEO had tried (unsuccessfully) for the past two years to secure this speaker. So, he turned to me and asked, “can you write an email for me to send?” “You bet your sweet socks I can,” I replied. And now, I’m[...]


#1 Copywriter Spills Her Best Secrets To Selling More Of ANYTHING

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Fed up with spending countless hours writing an email or words for your website only to be greeted by... *crickets*?  🦗🦗🦗 It’s not your fault. Good copywriting is HARD. Good copywriters spend years honing their skills. It’s not like throwing some random words on page and BOOM! 💥 you’ve got a steady stream of “come ‘n’ get it” ideal buyers ready to throw their credit cards at you. Copywriting is a skill, and I want to help you generate results every single time… How do I know? Because I’ve done it. 💌  One email strategy I[...]


7 Proven Copywriting Tactics Guaranteed to Boost Your Bottom Line in Record Time

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Copywriting literally is one of the key factors that determines whether your business makes money, or haemorrhages money. Don’t believe me? In an interview with Ramit Sethi, when asked what the #1 underrated business skill was, he replied: “I’d have to say copywriting. I spent years studying it, we’ve generated millions of dollars using copywriting, and I’m still amazed by the masters.” In a 2019 Forbes article, it says “content marketing costs up to 41% less than paid search. In addition, after three years, that piece of con[...]


The Anatomy of a Successful Landing Page (3 Quick Tips)

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Many of the clients I work with have the exact same problem when it comes to writing… how to get landing pages that convert more buyers, more often. I’ve worked with close to 1,000 clients and the one thing I know is crucial to their success is copywriting. But why is copywriting so important? Put simply, good copywriting can increase both the quality and quantity of your leads. “Once you understand what makes people buy things, you know how to sell — and how to write copy.” – Robert W. Bly,[...]


Want to Land More Clients Than You Can Handle? Read This First

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Working out your target markets and understanding your ideal client is one of THE most important steps of running a successful business. You’ll go around in circles if you don’t work this out. You gotta get all your ducks in a row. 😉 Why do I need to do this now? You need to do this now if: ⚠️ If you are tired of the not-knowing and second guessing every time you think about how to reach your target audience, or… ⚠️ If you’re about to take the plunge and start a brand-new business and you want a shortcut to success… You shoul[...]