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Case Study: How we saved Confirm Testing $12,990 in customer service costs using ManyChat

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30 minutes. That is the response time customers want from a business on Facebook. Just 30 minutes. And only 50% of businesses are meeting this expectation. But what if you could shave down the response time to be immediate… And get all the information you need from your customers to avoid the dreaded email back and forth? You can. Right now, you most likely have dozens of customers reaching out to you on Messenger. This platform has 1.3 billion users (yep, that's billion with a B!). But you can automate your responses, including customer[...]


Why Your Business Must Pay Attention to Instagram Automation Right Now

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You’ve probably experienced this before…You open Instagram, and you get that little red notification in the corner. There’s a new message!Could it be someone asking about a product in your online store?Is there a question about colours or sizing?Or maybe they want to know your opening hours…You feel that rush of potentially landing a new sale.So you search through your IG inboxes and find a message from someone named Vivivantsplolenta...Ugh. Another spam message from a bot.Now, this is what has given Instagram Automation, or chatbots, a bad name.Along wit[...]


The Genius Facebook Sponsored Message Strategy That Generated 5x ROI

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If you’re yet to try a Facebook Sponsored Message, which allow you to bypass the 24 hour rule, then here’s a powerful strategy I’ve used that generated 5x ROI. Many of you may have heard about “botgeddon” or the Facebook Messenger rules change, which limits your contact with your subscribers to just the first 24 hours after they’ve interacted with your chatbot. (You can read more about these changes in my post here.) Here, I'll unpack the exact Facebook Sponsored Message strategy I used just for you. Stick around to the end, where I'll give you some l[...]


Pick Your Poison: 3 Warning Signs of a Dreaded Bad Client 💀

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We’ve all had bad clients. We all know inherently what they are, that something just doesn’t feel right, but there are definite signs. It’s spooky season, and as Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year (especially since my hometown of Melbourne just emerged from 111 days of lockdown), I wanted to share the three warning signs that you’ve got a bad client on your hands that you need to cut loose. Let’s get into it — all treats and NO tricks. 😉 #1 Sign of a Bad Client: They don’t follow processes When yo[...]


How The World Embraced Chat Marketing During COVID-19 (And Why You Should Pay Attention)

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When the pandemic hit and the majority of the world was forced into lockdown, more and more people turned to messaging apps and video calls to stay connected. This meant more people were on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, and businesses, organisations and governments embraced chat marketing and chatbots to deliver accurate, timely and important information to their citizens or customers. Here’s how the world is adopting chatbots and chat marketing during this time. The Stats on Facebook, Messenger & WhatsApp Usage During COVID-19 Facebook s[...]


The #1 Facebook Messenger Tactic You Should Be Using to Engage Your Followers (Without Spending a Cent on Ads)

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If you’re lamenting about your organic reach on Facebook, then you should really consider adopting a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The reason is simple — a Comment Post. What’s a comment post? I hear you ask. It’s a normal Facebook post, but it’s connected to a Facebook Messenger chatbot that fires up a conversation in Facebook Messenger when a user types a keyword in the comments section. OK, why’s it so important, wise guy? I hear you ask. Recently, I created a comment post for my client, who sells hot dog carts, and he posts e[...]


How to Recycle Existing Content to Turbocharge Your Chatbot Conversations

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Many people have the exact same problem when it comes to how to reuse your existing copy to craft open-me-now chatbot conversations. Like you… 🤔They don’t know where to start. 🤔They don’t understand how to edit it 🤔They don’t know how to translate the blog post or email to keep the conversation going. But it’s OK, you’re not alone! I’ve worked with close to 1,000 clients and the one thing that they know is crucial is copywriting. And my Messenger bot clients know the bot is representing their business so their #1 p[...]


Epic Fail: How a Pink Unicorn Onesie Compelled Actor David Boreanaz to Block Me on Instagram

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This article originally appeared on Talk Nerdy to Me Lover in 2017. Note: I am reposting this here, as I have been recently been rewatching Buffy on our streaming service, Stan, over the holiday break, and I remembered this story. So sit back, relax and enjoy this crazy tidbit from my life. *** I’m on a mission. Not from god, like the Blues Brothers (but that would be awesome…) I’m on a quest to meet all of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer cast members (either by way of panels or meeting them in person. I have met or seen nine ﹘ I only really hav[...]


How Businesses Can Leverage the Power of SMS to Grow Profits & Reach More Customers Than Ever Before

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With the onset of chat marketing, all businesses should be paying close attention to how conversations on platforms like SMS, email and Facebook Messenger are going to be working for their digital strategies in 2020. In fact, over 2.5 billion people using are messaging apps worldwide with 87% of smartphone users using mobile messaging apps. With this current trend, we are expected to have 3 billion messaging app users by 2022. 😮 In 2020, for the first time in history, there will be more mobile messaging app users than social network users.[...]


The Powerful Facebook Messenger Formula That Generated 625 Leads & Boosted This Education Institute’s ROI by Over 25%

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One day, I received a LinkedIn message from the managing director of an education institute in Melbourne. He and his sales team were frustrated by the inability to translate their leads into sales, and they also were wasting a lot of time qualifying leads. I feel you, buddy, I thought. So we jumped on a call and they let me know what was going on behind the scenes. One of their courses, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL for short), was a course they would promote, but often they didn’t know if the leads were ready to enrol now[...]