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Why Your Business Must Pay Attention to Instagram Automation Right Now

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You’ve probably experienced this before…You open Instagram, and you get that little red notification in the corner. There’s a new message!Could it be someone asking about a product in your online store?Is there a question about colours or sizing?Or maybe they want to know your opening hours…You feel that rush of potentially landing a new sale.So you search through your IG inboxes and find a message from someone named Vivivantsplolenta...Ugh. Another spam message from a bot.Now, this is what has given Instagram Automation, or chatbots, a bad name.Along wit[...]


The Genius Facebook Sponsored Message Strategy That Generated 5x ROI

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If you’re yet to try a Facebook Sponsored Message, which allow you to bypass the 24 hour rule, then here’s a powerful strategy I’ve used that generated 5x ROI. Many of you may have heard about “botgeddon” or the Facebook Messenger rules change, which limits your contact with your subscribers to just the first 24 hours after they’ve interacted with your chatbot. (You can read more about these changes in my post here.) Here, I'll unpack the exact Facebook Sponsored Message strategy I used just for you. Stick around to the end, where I'll give you some l[...]


Copywriting Essentials: 3 Expert Tips to Giving Good Copy

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Do you know how to give good copywriting? 😉 It’s OK… I meant to do that. 😀 Copywriting isn’t natural to everyone, but it IS essential to growing a business and generating sales. In fact, when serial entrepreneur Ramit Sethi was asked what the most underrated skill was to grow a business, he replied, “I’d have to say copywriting. I spent years studying it, we’ve generated millions of dollars using copywriting, and I’m still amazed by the masters.” Yes, you read that right. He bought in millions of dollars of business u[...]