5 Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You Thousands (And How to Avoid Them)

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Many of my clients say that they’re throwing money at online advertising platforms hoping they’ll work, but they end up burning through their marketing budget so fast, all for zero sales. No one should feel like their business is flatlining. I’ve helped hundreds of clients get back their peace of mind, set up their business for the future, and helped them attract dozens of quality leads. So, here are 5 marketing mistakes I've seen clients make in their business, and how you can avoid doing the same.   Mistake #1: Not Marketing At All Like you[...]


3 Powerful Business Tips I Learned on Clubhouse (That You Can Use Today)

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Is it time to join the Club(house)? Well, if you’re a business owner or marketer, it’s definitely an app you should check out. Why? Because there are many opportunities to connect with fellow business owners, or CEO big-wigs you’ve idolised (like the CEO of Jouer Cosmetics, and Elon Musk), or even celebrities like Paris Hilton, which are just not available on other platforms. So, firstly what is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is a social audio chat app where users can tune in to interviews, conversations, and discussions between people on a number o[...]


The Genius Facebook Sponsored Message Strategy That Generated 5x ROI

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If you’re yet to try a Facebook Sponsored Message, which allow you to bypass the 24 hour rule, then here’s a powerful strategy I’ve used that generated 5x ROI. Many of you may have heard about “botgeddon” or the Facebook Messenger rules change, which limits your contact with your subscribers to just the first 24 hours after they’ve interacted with your chatbot. (You can read more about these changes in my post here.) Here, I'll unpack the exact Facebook Sponsored Message strategy I used just for you. Stick around to the end, where I'll give you some l[...]


How This Magic LinkedIn Message Strategy Landed 100+ Email Addresses of High-Ticket Prospects (Without Making Me Feel Like a Salesy Slimeball…)

LinkedIn is the best place for B2B, but it often feels like running a gauntlet of overseas web developers trying to sell you their web services via connection requests, or business coaches trying to book you on a 15-minute Zoom call when you’ve just added them to your network. They’re doing it wrong! So, now when you log onto LinkedIn, you see the trite updates about hiring a worker that was a little rough around the edges but ended up being the best employee EVER. Moral of that post is: don’t judge a book by its cover. (Side note: check ou[...]


7 Proven Copywriting Tactics Guaranteed to Boost Your Bottom Line in Record Time

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Copywriting literally is one of the key factors that determines whether your business makes money, or haemorrhages money. Don’t believe me? In an interview with Ramit Sethi, when asked what the #1 underrated business skill was, he replied: “I’d have to say copywriting. I spent years studying it, we’ve generated millions of dollars using copywriting, and I’m still amazed by the masters.” In a 2019 Forbes article, it says “content marketing costs up to 41% less than paid search. In addition, after three years, that piece of con[...]