Case Study: How We Revitalised Holiday Lifestyle’s Brand

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Holiday Lifestyle is a brand I worked on as copywriter and digital strategist, developing the brand guidelines, Messenger chatbot, and audience avatars (in conjunction with Web123).

Let’s break down each element of the project to revive the brand.


Old logo

holiday lifestyle old logo

This old logo was tired, dated, and corporate.

Holiday Lifestyle’s Brand Problems


As a retirement village brand, Holiday Lifestyle had old, 90s-inspired branding that look tired.


The messaging to their ideal clients wasn’t consistent as they didn’t know their ideal clients’ deepest desires.


Holiday Lifestyle wanted to avoid retirement brand cliches and feel young, fresh, and vibrant.

What We Did to Revive Holiday Lifestyle:

  • New brand mission
  • New brand personality
  • New logo
  • New artwork
  • New ideal client avatars

This Project Included:

  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand personas and brand scripts
  • Messaging
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Chatbot strategy and development
  • Facebook ads

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The Solution


To stand out from its competitors, Holiday Lifestyle needed to be the “rebel” or “cool kid” – it was a place to “wind up” not “wind down”


We discovered three target markets for the villages, and crafted messaging for each, while keeping the overall look and feel consistent. Holiday Lifestyle wanted a point of difference – to help their buyers overcome their guilt or move on from poor choices in the past with a prime investment, and have something to show for their success.


Holiday Lifestyle wanted a point of difference – to help their buyers overcome their guilt or move on from poor choices in the past with a prime investment, and have something to show for their success.

Revised Brand Mission

Holiday Lifestyle wants to establish itself as the No.1 lifestyle village for investors, holiday makers and retirees. With a range of house and land packages ranging between $150k to $700k, Holiday Lifestyle delivers the dream of owning a property in your ideal location for a fraction of what you’d expect to pay.

Revised Brand Personality


A leader in the field of lifestyle villages, operating with integrity, knowledge and enthusiasm


A wide appeal delivering a range of properties to suit customers’ budgets.


Offering properties that cater to people at different stages of life: investors, holiday makers and retirees.

The Ideal Client

Holiday Lifestyle buyers are looking for properties a convenient location that’s also easy to rent out on their own terms, something that is affordable with allinclusive fees, a place they can share with their family, and also have something to show for their success.

The Ideal Client Avatars

The Investors

Investors want to make a smart investment to have something to show for their success.

The Holidaymakers

The Holidaymakers want somewhere that’s their own for the holidays, that they can rent out in the off-season and retire to later on.

The Retirees

Retirees want to downsize, make friends, be part of a community and have a sense of purpose.

New Logo

holiday lifestyle new logo

Fresh, crisp, new and revitalised logo.


Messenger Digital Assistant

We also created a Messenger digital assistant/chatbot and Facebook Messenger Ad offering an accomodation deal for Holiday Lifestyle holiday park in Portland.

We first crafted an offer parents would love then advertised it on Facebook to parents that live within a 300km radius of the park.

When people click ‘SEND MESSSAGE’, they go directly into the bot at a lower cost per lead than traditional Facebook Ads.

henty bay facebook ad

After building trust by segmenting and nurturing the user, Henty Bay could remind users of the limited ‘Kids Stay Free’ offer and request the Booking Dates to check availability.

It reached 54,000 people, with 577 Messenger conversations with just $1.2k ad spend, at a cost of just $2.12 per lead.

It generated 1,981 targeted leads in 9 weeks at a cost of only $3.57 per lead.

Want to find out what Messenger or a new brand strategy can do for your business?

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