Woolen WIPS

Hot off the needles and oh what a difference from all the ones before. I think I am quite enthralled by this rich creamy double knit Foxy Neckwarmer. I have made quite a few before, all different colours on different sized needles with different gifted balls of wool. I may have a soft spot for this one and I may just keep it for our a sweet little girl’s neck for the Winter to come instead of adding it to our handmade shop.

I cast on for a knitted Bonnie Bear this week. I have knitted one before for Danika, with left over Teaberry but I wasn’t happy with the feel of it, so didn’t go on to knit up the frock to go with it.

I’ve had it in mind for a long while now that I wanted to gift something homemade for her each birthday and when I was given Val Pierce’s Knitted Bears All dressed up! I knew what it is that I wanted to knit for her for her first birthday. But it had to be just right! Finding the right wool sometimes proves to be difficult and often very expensive. I finally found Charity DK Pull-Skein Print in Gunmetal. Obviously not what I had pictured in my mind before walking into the Wool & Habby but when I saw it, picked it up and felt it, I knew it was the one.

I ended buying one in Gunmetal grey for the body and Italiano rose  for the frock.

Now, please hold all those finger and toes so that I can get it all done before her birthday next month.


Hello there and welcome to my first Woolen WIPS link up party on the blog.

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