Pretty Flowers.

I almost didn’t make it out of bed for most of the week. That darn flu bug caught me in its cold cruel talons good and solid, although not completely healed I do feel so much better. I have been able to fare the worst of Winter and now the change into Spring without a doctor for each of my tribe members. It has been an all natural all love change for my humans this year and I love how we are building our immune systems stronger for it. Thank you copious handfuls of tissue salts, drops of Hyssop herbal tincture, sweet dark honey, oranges and deep magnesium eucalyptus oil baths to soak in.

The weather has confirmed that it’s Summer, today the high was 36 degrees Celsius. I dont know what has happened to Spring. If you see her please send her back our way – she hasn’t even celebrated the Solstice with us.

Oupie must have overheard me saying that we needed more colour in all our greenness. Come to think of it never bothered me before. I love the lush that illuminates and vibrates around our home but lately Ive been searching for a little more along the lines of colour. He went out and added just that to the top of our garden stairs. They’re beautiful and fresh and new and Spring! It is such a welcoming sight when arriving home after being away.

Oumie planted some Cosmos seeds. We are waiting in much anticipation. The last seeds planted didn’t germinate, not even one. These planted last week have already started sprouting. I so look toward to the days when the Summer evening crickets chirp as we stroll on by and admire them in all their beauty.

What is it that you may be looking forward to as the season changes again?

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