Goodness Part 2.

We have been talking and talking and talking about setting up a new bed for the kitchen garden, and sweet humans – it is finally in! Rob went early on Saturday morning to collect the most wonderful poop ever from our dear friends at Bits and Pieces Farm. Sally and Neil are the same friends who gifted us our small flock of Zulu Chickens all those years back.

I was paging through my chicken photographs this morning. Most of them blurry but there are quite a few that show the majesticness of our Cock, Nugget. I will miss him – he has moved on to a new home this past week. For those who have followed from the beginning of our adventure into backyard urban farming you will remember the love hate relationship I have had with this jerk of a Roo. I loved him and hated him all at once. He was beautiful and oh so very cruel. Over the last few months his cruelness had become lethal. The boys could not enter the coop for fear of his full fledged talon attack and Rob would not allow Danika and I to collect eggs from the girls. How could we not collect eggs – all we could do was watch from the fence while Rob battled it out with rake in one hand and food for the girls in the other while feathers and talons flew through the air. He was pomp ass and magnificent and utterly devilish. I already miss his crow in the mornings. The girls, on the other hand, look less disheveled and have thanked us with a full house of eggs.

So poop.. it makes this heart of mine smile. It must be a Mama thing. If the children are all pooping we’re happy and when there is good organic poop for the kitchen garden we are grinning from ear to ear. Am I right? Over the years we have had one failure after another. Well, not really failure, maybe more of a few learning curves. Learning to grow with shade from the abundance of trees. Learning to grow with the constant attack of the monkey troupe that terrorise our neighbourhood. Learning to just grow. But after all of this I feel we may have got it right this time. And we are now ready to expand and grow with the sprouts. (watch this space there will be at least two more beds to come in the future.)

We have planted new heirloom seeds of Finger Carrots, Runner Lazy Housewife Beans (dont ask – do you think Rob maybe trying to tell me something?), Black Beauty Egg fruit, Capsicum (Green Pepper California) and for my edible and medicinal flowers we have added Echinacea, Nasturtium, Chamomile and Sunflowers – for the love of flowers for the vase. We also added a Pansy variety (from seedling trays) – which is an absolute delicious and beautiful add to our salads! I have a thing for all things bright and pretty. I think being blessed with the dearest of baby girls has bought all that back for me.

Oh, and those sweet young faces you see there belong to our tribe from the Big City.

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