The Moon After Yule.

Full Moon blessings dear Tribe.

This is not a time to fight, rather surrender to the will of Spirit, even if you are being asked to let go completely and tumble into the brink of Creation itself…..

Full Moon is Now in Capricorn until the 10th July 6.33 am


Ambitious * Focussed * Practical

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  1. I have to tell you that even though we are on opposite sides of this planet, I feel such a strong connection to what you write about and also to your energy as well. I just posted a quote from Anais Nin that I woke up with in my mind. I’ve been feeling this desire to let things go that hold me back. I had an “aha moment” (as Oprah calls them!!) early this morning. I’m going to write about it on my private blog later. I also made a “To Do” list for today. I’m also a Capricorn!! : ) I’ll edit my link to your new blog site. Don’t want to miss anything!!!

    Namaste my beautiful friend. xo

    ~ Wendy

    1. dearest Wendy, I am so very blessed to have met here on the web. I loved reading the quote you posted – it spoke to me on so many levels. thank you!

      I look forward to joining you on your special blog x

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