Thank You July.

I am totally in love with the fact that I am sharing everything off one platform.

I have my shop >here< and links to Ravelry >here< Instagram >here< and Facebook >here<.

There is even a little space for my shares for my Wild Witch Cottage. Something more personal, it may not be for everyone and that’s why most of the shares will be kept away from the main blog itself. For those who share the passion about the seasons and living in the magic of it all – then it is for you. You can follow along on Facebook >here< and Instagram >here< and pages added to my website will be shared to these social media platforms once complete.

We have all found a theme and layout we are all super happy with. Simple and clean and nothing distracting at all – it should be here to stay for abit. Of course we hope you like it too. This now should give me (and the men folk) more time to focus on family and more shares about the happenings all around us.

I, personally, have seen in this New Moon phase on the quiet side.
The younger two boys on the other hand have started their third term of school this week and we’ve had a Aunty Debbie spend the week with us while she awaits her flat to be completed to move into next week. It has been so lovely having Aunty Debbie to stay. All the men folk just adore her and Em giving Danika until end of the week and then she will shine ever so brightly (as only Danika can) to her too. She is going through her shy phase at the moment and anyone new (or not that new too in fact) – to our home or on our travels – finds her grasping at my body with her little hands and burying her wee face in my chest coyly. Bless her. Aunty Debbie will be adding her touch to the holistic wonderfulness that is HANDS-ON EDUCATION & FACILITATION CENTER.
I am so very excited for her.

To end off the month that was July

Blog Update:
For those that missed it here are the shares for the month gone by.
Let it be.
Beginnings of new.
The Moon after Yule.
Nine Full Moons.
Happy Birthday Garren.
A Week Of Nines.

Shop Update:
I hope to be adding a few luxury bars of soap in the new month. I will send out an update for that with links to the shop on the day. There will be an option for delivery, if you are out of town but still in South Africa, and there is a Postnet in your area. Postnet 2 Postnet is the option I have chosen as a safer route for your parcel getting to you in one piece. I am looking into the costs and convenience involved with the Post Office Parcel Plus option too. I dont sell daily so getting in a courier service like Courier Guy and the likes just is not economical.
Id love to know if you have any other suggestions?

Knitting Update:
oh dear.. I wish I could have more to add here, but alas – not. After the last batch of Star Gnomes I sent off to their new homes I just haven’t had the time to add any more. Sometimes its good to have a break from doing the same thing over and over again – right? So, I have started on a Foxy Neck-warmer. Its something to keep the fingers busy in the wee hours of the morning while the small boy person reads to me in the car before school begins. Who knows, may be there will be a couple to add to the shop a little later on in the season?

To you all that follow along with us here – bless you and thank you!
To you all that comment on our shares – it really is lovely to know you are there and we so love to hear from – thank you too!

Goodbye July now past and Hello there brighter beautiful August!

brightest blessings,

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