Nine Full Moons.

You are determined and stubborn and knowing.

Smiles are not parted with easily but when given they brighten your whole being.

You speak so intensely with your eyes.

Your eyes that pierce right through to our souls. Your eyes that know things, other things, not from this world things.

You have a love for food of all varieties but pasta and strawberries and whatever may be dished on Mama’s plate are preferred.

You already have a favourite pony toy and love to ride your Papi like a he is your own personal horse.

Your favourite lullaby is Twinkle Little Star. It soothes your immediately and if I gently stroke the side of our face you fall peacefully asleep.

Outside with nature and daily grounding is a must with no exception to a stop off at the coop to talk to the chooks.

As soon as we step outside Zeus is there by your side watching and waiting. I’m sure he’s counting the days until you there walking him and just him alone.

You have all your brothers wrapped around your small delicate finger. I know there is nothing that they would not do for you dear girl child.

Today we are celebrating your 9th month Earth side.

To think it wasn’t that long ago that you joined us on the 9 month and we cant believe that it has already been a whole 9 months you have been part of our earth bound lives here.

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