Happy Birthday Garren.

Happy Birthday Dear Garren.

We celebrated Garren’s 9th spin around our Sun. Of, course as with all things I do, I do them in excess – like, for instance photograph taking.

Tristan so kindly took over with just what we should share from the bazillion and one moments captured and put together this little motion picture.


As you can see much fun was had. The older these Wildlings of mine get a whole lot different their expectations become of and for their day.

It is after all their day – to choose how they would like to spend it.

You will find in this post and the posts to come a little more and something personal from all the Wildlings of my Tribe. Their contributions will be making our blog whole and just as it should be. A few moments and thoughts from each one.

I do hope you enjoy their shares as much as I do.

(this is the part where I fist pump the air and hashtag #proudmama )

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