A Week of Nine’s

We’ve had a week of 9s…

Danika hit her 9 month milestone and Garren his 9th year trip around our not so-very-warm-but-bright Winter Sun. What a week indeed, I’d say I feel a little older (and I do) but not from my seeing in their milestones but rather the head cold that I have been nursing since the last Full Moon. I just can’t seem to shake it.

Were in the midst of both the younger two boys last week of their mid-year break. Then we’re back to getting them up early for their busy day at school. Winter break is always over much speedier than we hoped for and it’s always a long haul until the end of the year, although they do have a small break around September/October. Days are noticeably (well for me that is) a wee bit longer with sunrise dawning just a few minutes earlier daily. Roll on Imbolc! I’m weary of the dark – I think. I am being teased, every time I walk our sad winter hedgerow, by our sweet Magnolia Tree with her beautiful pearl of buds balancing regally on her branches and the soft open petals scattered on the ground at her feet.

The Spring Equinox is not that far off, I can feel it in my bones!

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  1. 💖💖Two amazing 9 celebrations for sure! 😊

    We haven’t had much of a summer here. Our little space has not be warm at all. It is raining today…and chilly at +10c.

    ❤🙏 prays of health and light sent your way. 🔥

  2. Lots of happy 9’s for you all!! Your two babies have almost the same age difference as my two youngest. It’s like yesterday that Megan was that little and had not much hair. : ) I hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been fighting a bit of a sore throat for almost a month now. I should probably go to the doctor but I’m stubborn that way. Lol!! Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend my wonderful friend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

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