Then There Was Change.

And then there was change.

Change for the better I hope.

I’ve been a girl for years. I loved the way that I could choose how my layout of my blog looked, how I could add external pages into my blog like my shop for instance and if I didn’t like the look of that I could adjust to accommodate just that and that there was no need to pay a cent for it all. But, with way too many technical issues in posting and uploading pictures and content (the main part of the blog – right?) And dear Open Live Write not helping the cause one single little bit!! I have moved us all here and with all things will learn to fine-tune the emotions and thought process (and still hold back in not paying a cent) to go with all that WordPress has to offer and brighten my day with. Like for instance this lovely theme. What do you think?

I love the little camera choices and the layout is sweet. I’m not sure that I like having all my widgets down yonder. I do prefer them to the side.

But the upside is I got to choose a different font to the default.

It’ll do for now as I hack away at how this all works.

I need simplicity in my life. Simplicity in all things and that dear friends includes this space here where I get to ramble on about nothing in particular and get to share captured moments of my young wild ones and other nonsensical hogwash.

If you’re a WordPress-or why not hit the follow button down yonder – I will be sure to add you to my tribe!

If you are new to me and my wild tribe – WELCOME! You can have a little read about us here.

oh and ps – new moon blessings for tomorrow sweet humans.

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