She’s Jailbound.



So this baby girl child started crawling, well not really crawling it’s more like a downward dog facing hop. I really have tried to capture this precise moment – I think she knows this because she is just not letting it happen.

It’s like those eyes of hers, that peer straight into my soul – this girl knows things and I just can’t get away with much like I used to with the boys of my tribe.


That is why dear Papi has been busying himself with bits of wood and glue and things to make up this contraption to house her in her baby jail.

Let’s hope that this girl, who knows things, learns to know the stairs around here fast too. There are just way too many to count. Such an unfriendly baby home to say the least.

That will change of course as time goes on as it really is the best space for finding the fae and other hide n seek games.

But until then baby jail time sweet girl child.



oh and p.s

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