Tagging the little ones.

Dressed up in our winter warmests to keep out the cold front that had arrived and with fold out chairs under arms we made our way to support Garren in his first Tag Rugby Festival this weekend gone.

I had to search good ol’ Wikipedia for a little insight into this form of Rugby. As, while watching, I noticed that the game just wasn’t what I was used to watching while standing on the side-line of the field. This was Tag Rugby, slightly different and it seems that our little ones are not yet at the Velcro wearing stage (thank goodness) or there may have been a few cold bare bottoms out for the world to see! These boys are quite the ruffians out there on the field. It was just a tap here and there with plenty of coaches on the field to guide them through the game. Garren loved it and I am sure I would love the world of Rugby just as much (for him) if I could wrap my simple brain around it. I have tried, for years, and I have almost given up and come to terms with the fact that I will just love rugby because my son plays the game.

We’re still pretty much in the thick of Rugby season, around these parts, with a tournament played either home side or at another school each week for the next couple of weeks. So there will be a few more frozen field side mornings to come. It’s time to bring out our winter woollens.

“Many things that are true feel like a cheat. Kingdoms get princes they deserve, farmers daughters’die for no reason, and sometimes witches merit saving. Quite often, actually. You’d be surprised.”

Later through the day we decided that it was certainly way too cold to venture out again and so we made the most of it and turned the rest of the afternoon and evening into movie time. The boys love it – snuggled inside – under blankets – in front of the Television. The one movie that stuck with me was “ A Monster Calls” and will most certainly be added it to my favourite list. It was unexpectedly darkly intense, so much so I almost sent Garren out to watch another movie in his room for fear of how it would turn out and how he would react to it emotionally. We shed a tear together and we spoke a few words once done and I am so glad that I let him watch it to the end. I do tend to forget that he is “almost 9 MOM” and that I really should be encouraging movies that have a real story line and to remember that they are far better than the usual mindless action and fluff that seems to fill our screens more and more these days.

I am the Mother who tries to protect her children from harm.. the type that fills our newspapers and social media and television screens.

But maybe there is more harm in said mindless movies without much ado about anything much?

I have just realised that it’s only a couple of weeks left of this school term and then we will have officially reached our midyear break. 

Where has this year gone?

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  1. tag rugby sounds like flag football for us here. You tuck in long strips of fabric in your waist and the opponent pulls the fabric off instead of tackling you to the ground. As A girl I preferred this immensely. Love her hat!!!

  2. I just love how you're adding extra clothes and we're getting ready for the heat!! Other then a few 90 degree days a few weeks ago, it's actually been below normal temps for this time of the year. It's barely reaching the 70's and we should be into the 80's at this point. Lots of rain as well. I'm not complaining. I love this kind of weather. The kids are not happy staring at the pool in the yard that is too cold to swim in comfortably though!! Yesterday we had Megan's last lacrosse game and when the sun was covered by clouds it was rather chilly. Again, not complaining!! : ) Love your sweet girl in her winter hat!! xoxo

    ~ Wendy

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