Raining For Days

  happy mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Belated, I know, but sent with much love to you, my special Tribu Mère.

I would have been on sooner to wish you but it has rained and rained and rained some more for days now. A welcome sight but at the same time that means there is no linking with those waves of internet connection in the sky that come and go and go and come again when there is the slightest form of any cloud cover. I gave up around late Saturday afternoon and lovingly embraced family time, thanks to the outside freezer front that blew in over the weekend. We even got some quality time in with Rob. It was way too cold for him to venture up to his workshop in the garage, and secretly (he will never admit it) I know he enjoyed the slow moving togetherness in the lounge watching movies and the perpetual buzz in the kitchen feeding us all. It never ceases to amaze how much more the boys can wolf down in weather such as this. On Sunday Rob treated us all to veggies stacked high on our plates for Mother’s Day Sunday Lunch. Someone else’s cooking always tastes a whole lot better than your own don’t you think?

I think we all may be overloaded in movie comatose states. So unlike us. Sometimes doing nothing at all is a good thing. I do miss garden time though. I should go out with a brolly and see how our new edible garden patch is faring. Rob and the boys worked very hard at getting in a new raised bed for us the weekend before. With fresh manure from the farm and borders made with thick bamboo from the bamboo thicket to the side of our home. We tried growing our wildlings there but those crazy monkeys ruined it all. We gave up the fight and after a few months of watching the sun and its movements over our home, we decided to plant another patch here. Just to keep us going for a little longer. Once you harvest your own home grown food – there really is nothing better. Is there?






So far we have planted Swiss Chard, Lettuce, Belle Tomatoes, Eggplant and Thyme (if my memory serves me correct – I do feel like I may have left out one!). And we have replanted the whispy leaves of creole onion seedlings from the seedling trays in too. Hold all those fingers and toes that they all haven’t drown in all the rain.

This week will be late nights every evening. Josh and his healed up toe will be attending the final rehearsals for their Musical opening next week. There are still ticket available for those who would like to see the show, though not for very much longer – best grab them quick. I am so looking forward to seeing this child of mine on stage.

The wind is howling again through the tips of Pine Tree tops, I don’t know how much longer there will be a connection. The wind was so bad that I woke with our bedroom doors creaking and banging and pulling at the hinges in the middle of the night. I fought with the doors that lead out into our backyard from my side of the bed, by this stage they had opened (luckily not breaking the yale lock), Rob eventually took over and got them all tightly locked up again. Needless to say that had me wide eyes for the rest of the night and today I am feeling it through scratchy eyes.

I do hope that you are all safe and my thoughts are with those that are in high risk areas and have already been evacuated to safety.

It is at times like this that I hold my dear ones even closer and realise a little more how blessed I truly am.

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  1. happy Mother's day almost a week late! looks like you are busy with your family and the weather settles for you. We have hot weather right now but it's supposed to go back into the 70's soon. Much more manageable.

  2. Happy belated Mother's Day my friend!! I am a big fan of rain and wind and dreary days so I have to be honest and tell you that I actually felt a little jealous that you're having this kind of weather while reading about it. Lol!! I hope you're all safe and sound and having a wonderful weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy

    ps ~ I've started a new private blog if you're interested. It's a place for people to share things that they might not want to share on their public blog. Let me know if you're interested in becoming a part of it and I'll send you an invitation. I'll need the email address that you'd be accessing it from. xo

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