Jolly Jumping

I’ve been slow this week in updates. There are like a gajillion moments I could share here or on Instagram but I just haven’t yet. It seems that it may just be that time of the year (I hope it is) and by the end of this month life may just calm itself to a slow and peaceful panic.
Josh is still very much in the throes of his school musical and in actual fact his first performance is tonight night. This will carry on through the rest of the week. Rob and his Mother, aided by Tristan and Garren, have kindly taken over the Danika scheduled evenings for me on Thursday so that I may head on out to school and watch it. I really can’t wait. As soon as the hype of the musical has died down he will be face-in-book again for mid-year exams. He did his 6 hour Art prac on Friday and I love his tea cup and can’t wait until it’s home so I can frame and mount it in the kitchen. 
Last weekend Rob assembled the Jolly Jumper, for Danika, in the lounge. In just one week I have noticed that he will have to raise the links as she is now way too low to the ground – she may just end up bouncing herself right out of the contraption if we don’t keep a stern eye her way. My eldest sister Tracey commented on a video I shared last weekend that I had one as a wee one and absolutely loved it. Apparently I screamed when I was taken out of it. It looks like our little flower may be heading in the same direction. 


Danika and I (minus a photo capturing gadget) meandered around the backyard on Saturday. Rob proudly pointed out the Shu Shu’s along our hedgerow – he has been guarding them and silently praying that the Monkeys won’t find. These have started growing home side so they will be safe from monkey hands, as they are petrified of Zeus. Rob sliced one up and fried it (just like fried chips) for our Friday evening Fish ‘n Chip. They’re delicious and sweet. Do you know Shu Shu’s – do you have a particular way of eating them? There is a bulging Strawberry almost ready to be picked too and little shoots of Swiss Chard have sprouted in the new bed. 
I completed another batch of soap. This one is made with Danika in mind. Chamomile + Rose Baby. Rose was the only scent and essential oil I could stomach throughout my pregnancy with her and it’s become my favourite fragrance since, even surpassing my love for Lavender (which has been for years). So I will be adding a few drops here and there to certain soap batches as I go along. It lathers up beautifully and smells so heavenly. Glycerine based with Aqueous, Chamomillia Flowers and Rose Essential Oil. I have also tried my hand at Hibiscus + Coconut Milk Soap. I’m not too sure that it looks pretty enough but it’s just as luxurious. Hibiscus is wonderful for anti-aging and eases skin eczema conditions too. I have plans to play more with Hibiscus Soap maybe adding a drop or two of essential oil to it, which do you think would pair nicely with Hibiscus?
I will get photos of them up soon and once they are ready I will add them to the shop. 
I have also put wool to needles again… (again no photo of proof it – I’ll get to that). I’ve started on a few Star Gnomes, I knit them up for our God Daughter a few years back and a few Mama’s out there went crazy for them. My fingers have now completely healed so I have plans to added a few to the shop soon too, they’re small and I need quick these days as there really isn’t much time to do much else. But for now, they’re keeping my fingers busy in the early hours of the morning before school in the parking lot while Garren reads lines from his school reader. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing when you can. ❤ I love Jolly Jumpers! I had one as a child as did my siblings. I had one for my daughters as well….best invention ever! ����xoxo to all.

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