hello..tap..tap..tap.. is this thing on?


Is there anyone out there?

I really haven’t left you or gone that far away. I think I may be back to share with you again!

tap… tap.. tap…. is this thing on?

So much has happened and if you followed along here ~> instagram <~ you would have seen all of these moments…

Yes, we have finally welcomed our littlest seed from the stars.. our pretty flower – our baby girl, Danika Robin, to our little tribe.

So, I am sure you will forgive me for my absence. She has consumed all of me and all of us. With only a few moments to share with the world through the day a picture here or there I hoped would suffice for the time being?

I hope to be back and gentle ease may way into sharing again. I do hope you stay?

Many beautiful blessings to you and yours my friends.

Love Angie x

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