gnome-lets…. completed (yarn along)

I am so very pleased that our goddaughter’s first birthday gift is completed and with still plenty of time to spare. Although it took me a little longer than I initially anticipated – they are all ready and awaiting a pretty gift box, which we are still in the process of finding. Soon as I find the perfect one, I will be sure to share it too.

I started reading Janet Fitch’s Paint It Black a few weeks ago. I loved White Oleander and completed it within the week. Paint It Black is a little more difficult to get through. Not for lack of beautiful writing. It really is… I love Janet’s powerful words – but, with this one, I am finding them too powerful right now for me to handle. I feel myself slowly feeling depressed and find myself a little tearful. It could be that I still need a little more time to heal up. So I am putting it to one side for now, and will return to it when I have a better hold on my mind and emotions.

I need to go online and purchase again, come month end.. I have been looking for Lenora Henson’s – The Wicked Garden series that a friend suggested I read, but sadly they have not yet been released here in South Africa. I have Rhonda Hetzel’s “Simple Life” on hold for order, I could do with another one to keep me busy through the month. What are you all reading and what do you suggest I order?

The week is going by so much faster than I thought it would. And although I look forward to the weekend, I really hate wishing the week away. Oh and its Tristan’s 19th birthday next week! Where have all those 19 years gone?

Angie xxx

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  1. Your gnome-lets are SO cute! Can I borrow just a bit of your talent, please? Thank you for the book suggestions- I love the movie "White Oleander," and should probably check out the book someday. Keep allowing those emotions to heal, my beautiful friend <3. And happy birthday to Tristan!

  2. thank you!! and just so you know I am a lover of all things purple!!!!
    I think i need some of those purple socks too… they are lovely xxx

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