Learning Words

It has been one of those weeks!

I actually started this post on Monday to be ready for Wednesday so that I could join Ginny over at her lovely blog Small Things for her Yarn Along link-up.

But such is life, so…. I still haven’t gotten past Chapter one in my reread of The Witching Hour by my favourite Author Anne Rice and there are only just a few more rows done on what will hopefully be a hot water bottle cover for my gorgeous god daughter Taya. The Winter months will be shortly on our doorstep and the little lass will need a little warmth in her cot then don’t you think?

What has been keeping me busy is learning to read all over again!

I’ve been through this twice before and each time the sheer excitement and joy that radiated from the older boys little eyes as they came to realise they were actually reading words never failed to bring me such joy! I love reading and so hoped that they would too.

Now it is Garren’s turn and it is the same!
We are racing through with much exhilaration and its such a pleasure.

“look” “in” “here” “Mum” are our new favourite words.

Angie xxx

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  1. Yes Laura, It is so very exciting! I love the sparkling recognition in his little eyes when he realises he has indeed just read a real word! Have yourself a blessed week xxx

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