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Are you tired of paying too much for useless leads? Are you sick of writing copy that gets *crickets*?

I help businesses just like yours outsmart their competition and win more clients with copywriting services, digital marketing strategies, and chatbots for Facebook Messenger.

I started life as a journalist for Rolling Stone, FHM & Australian Penthouse. (Ask me about the time I interviewed “Edward Scissorhands” director Tim Burton.) 

My favourite lame joke to make is “why, yes of course I have a double-page spread… It’s just not the one you’re thinking of!”

But I was always frustrated that the publications I worked for were neglecting their digital presence.

💻 No website.

👎🏼 No social media channels.

❌ No Facebook advertising.

What a missed opportunity (and a sure-fire way to send your business to an early grave. RIP). 💀

In 2012, I started my own online publication, Soot Magazine, where I taught myself to code and embraced web development. Soon, I was approached by ad agencies to fact-check and create content for big brands, and that’s where I started to implement the magic of branding, copywriting, and digital marketing.

Best of all, I’d apply these techniques to generate revenue and set businesses up for future success. So I began Mads Collective Group – where today, I’m supported by bunch of badass creatives.

Since the inception of chat marketing in 2017, I’ve been working tirelessly to help businesses across the globe harness the power of copywriting and Facebook Messenger to generate more leads and more sales.

👉🏼 Let’s make sure your chat marketing and copywriting is working harder for you.

📩 Inject some sales sparkle into your business. Send me a message & let’s do business together

My roster of clients (past and present) includes the world’s #1 chat marketing platform ManyChat; Miss Universe Australia; Miss World Australia; American Express, Sydney Opera House; dating expert Matthew Hussey, and the Australian Independent Record Labels Association. Phew. 

I’ve been honoured with two chatbot awards from ManyChat, including 1st place in ManyChat’s Bot Contest – Retail & Consumer Goods Chatbot 2018 (Copywriting), and Emerging Agency Winner 2019. I’ve also been honoured with a journalism award from Fairfax Media for Best Commercial Writing. 

I’ve spoken at ManyChat’s Conversations 2020 conference on how to grow a six-figure agency as well as created various workshops for ManyChat; and I’ve been featured on, the ManyChat blog, Chatfuel School, the Chat Marketing podcast, and School of Bots

In fact, ManyChat sold more tickets to their 2020 conference in any other year (remember, it’s a virtual conference this time) from one campaign I implemented and made USD $10,000 in just 48 hours. They literally made back their investment in my services in 48 hours. 

That’s right, the strategy paid for itself! 

Another tidbit you’d be interested in… 

For two years, ManyChat had tried unsuccessfully to attract Stan Chudnovsky, VP of Messenger at Facebook, to their conference. 

In 2020, I wrote an email for ManyChat’s CEO to send, and within hours, they received a response to discuss further. After two whole years of *crickets*, my email finally broke the silence and Stan was a featured speaker for the conference. 

That’s the power of the copy and strategy I provide.

Imagine what we could do together with countless cups of coffee and cascade of chutzpah!

1. We stand for our truth while remaining open to others

We champion being true to yourself and to what you believe in. Standing firm and not wavering, but respecting  – and actively listening to – another’s position on a matter.

2. We have a strict ‘no BS’ policy

Be honest, accountable, responsible, truthful, and genuine. We aren’t afraid to call someone out on their BS in a loving way (this extends to our clients, too!)

3. We believe in the inherent goodness of all humans…. unless they show us otherwise

We believe that people are kind and good, but if they show us otherwise, we react accordingly – we are fair but firm.

4. We operate from a foundation of honour & integrity

It shows in everything we do, and in turn, we are worthy of great things in return.

5. We respect each other’s expertise and seek knowledge

We are forever learning and adapting, and we seek people who are students of life.

6. We understand that humankind is at the core of our business

Business is about relationships and we champion building relationships.

7. We believe in being profitable but not at the expense of others’ wellbeing

We respect people’s need to take a beat and recharge for themselves, so they can come back and give it 100%.

8. We are always adapting & evolving

What we are creating changes the way people do business, and the way people connect with businesses ALWAYS mirrors the way people connect with each other.

We aren’t here to radically transform the entire world.
We’re here to radically transform how companies do business every day.
angela standing in front of a maya angelou quote in venice California

the 411 | Angela allan

Favourite campaign:   Robert the Robo Dog for a local dog food company

ITEMS I’D TAKE ON A DESERT ISLAND:  Jack White, my books, my vinyls, a pen, coffee, and donuts. 🍩

Favourite Writers:   Stephen King, Maya Angelou, and Margaret Atwood

Best Business Advice:   “You will only be criticised by those who are doing less than you.”

Describe yourself in one Word:  Quixotic

random FACT:   I once came second last in a “How long can you hold a stein of beer” competition at Memphis Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street. They called me Miss Australia. 😂

words to live by

Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.

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