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October 2022


Case Study: How we saved Confirm Testing $12,990 in customer service costs using ManyChat

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30 minutes. That is the response time customers want from a business on Facebook. Just 30 minutes. And only 50% of businesses are meeting this expectation. But what if you could shave down the response time to be immediate… And get all the information you need from your customers to avoid the dreaded email back and forth? You can. Right now, you most likely have dozens of customers reaching out to you on Messenger. This platform has 1.3 billion users (yep, that's billion with a B!). But you can automate your responses, including customer[...]


3 secrets to high-converting Black Friday ad copy

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Black Friday is coming up! So right now, you may be feeling one of two ways... Camp A, like Leo here. It's going to be a cryfest because you feel so overwhelmed...   Or you're in Camp B... You're super prepared - some might say over-prepared, but you know that's not a thing! - because Black Friday has been top of mind for months, so you are cool, calm, and even a smidge excited, like this:   Either way, I’m jumping in here to talk about one of the crucial elements for your Black[...]